Merritt Island Cardio Deck

Cardio Deck

2nd Prize Winner | Fitness Club

2nd Prize Winner – $100.00

3rd Place Winner | Fitness Club

3rd Prize Winner – $50

Merritt Island Fitness Interior

Welcome to Fitness Club Merritt Island

260 East Merritt Island Causeway #2, Merritt Island, FL 32952 Tel: (321) 455-2227 E-mail:

First Place Winner | Fitness Club

Grand Prize Winner- $150.00 and a huge Muscle Food basket loaded with goodies. (Basket donated by Muscle Foods USA)

Big Frank Buzzo | Member of the Month

BIG Frank Buzzo- Member of the Month (June 2017)

If you have never met Frank in person, you wouldn’t believe a 65-year-old could have his pecs. Frank weighs 265 lbs. but by no means is he fat, he is rock solid upper body thick as steel muscle. His body is as impressive as his strength. The 1st time I met Frank he was bench…

Diego Alvarez | Member of the Month

Diego Alvarez – Member of the Month (July 2017)

Diego has stepped out of the box when it comes to his workout routine and it certainly has worked. After every set, he walks the entire gym, even the stairs, incorporating a cardiovascular strength building routine. Diego is taking a very scientific approach to his training, and I appreciate his dedication and discipline. I myself…

Dana Allen | Member of the Month

Dana Allen – Member of the Month (May 2017)

I first Met Dana Allen about four years ago at the old Island Fitness across the street from it’s new location. I asked him, “So when is the contest?” His reply, “Oh I haven’t competed since the eighties.”. that was four years ago and Dana still maintains that edge and is without a doubt the…

Mike Green | Member of the Month

Mike Green – Member of the Month (April 2017)

Mike owned and operated World Gym behind the Merritt Island Square Mall during the Eighties and Nineties. Mike is foremost known for his Karate career, he has won over 13 State and 3 National Championships. Mike has spent so much time in the gym it’s in his DNA, his magnificent smile and physical strength are…