Big Frank Buzzo | Member of the Month

If you have never met Frank in person, you wouldn’t believe a 65-year-old could have his pecs. Frank weighs 265 lbs. but by no means is he fat, he is rock solid upper body thick as steel muscle. His body is as impressive as his strength. The 1st time I met Frank he was bench pressing 225 lbs. for 52 reps.

He holds the title in the bench press WNPF, State, National and World from the ages of 40-44 which is quite the feat.

He also has done a seated shoulder press with 405 lbs., a triple in the incline barbell press with 500 lbs. and 605 lb. benches raw. I have been training over 60 years and Frank without a doubt is the strongest man over 50 (he’s 65) I have ever met. And… I really don’t think he’s hit his peak yet.

Most importantly to Frank is family, community and his friends that love him. He states that he inherits his strength from God not steroids which he instills in all he meets.